10 Reality TV Shows You Wont Believe Exist!

– How far would you go
for some prize money? There have been a lot of things that’ve been aired on television. Some good and a lot bad, but on the bad end, some reality shows take it to a whole ‘nother level. – I still love you. (man wailing) – The following reality
shows actually exist, and when you find out what these people had to do and what was done to them, it’s going to make Survivor
look like a walk in the park. Here are 10 Reality TV Shows
You Won’t Believe Exist. Number one is Dadagiri. Premiering on June 9, 2008, in India, Dadagiri ran for four seasons and has been called the meanest show
on Indian television. Described as a competition that requires physical strength, brains and raw courage, the show took four
ex-students and brought them, metaphorically, back to
their first day of college, and it’s just ugly. The show was complete
with bullies who would torment them and ridicule
them for being dumb and insult their appearance
and personalities and even physically attack them. Every round, someone would be eliminated and then would be forced to eat disgusting meals like maggotaroni and
cheese out of a toilet. (gagging) But it was one particular incident that gained the show international attention, when a female challenger
slapped one of the male contestants who, in
turn, slapped her back. Unfortunately for him,
the crew of the show did not take too kindly to that, and they all rushed the
man, live on television, and beat him on stage in
front of all of the cameras. Number two is the 90 Day Fiance. Getting married is a, you
know, kind of a serious thing, so you better be sure
you wanna spend the rest of your life with that
person, and obviously, you’re gonna take the
time during the selection process to pick the right
spouse of your choice. Naw, not these guys. Yeah, they got 90 days. The American reality series that premiered on January 12, 2014, called 90 Day Fiance that aired on TLC involved several foreign people entering the United
States on a 90-day visa, which does not quite sound legal. After they received their fiance visa, they were then paired
with a potential match, chosen by the producers,
and then given the length of their stay to convince that person that they were the right match to marry. During their visit, the
potential wives or husbands from overseas had to overcome
some pretty big obstacles. These included language
barriers with their partner, cultural differences and
the possible disapproval from their family
members, which I’m pretty sure was gonna be high. Oh but don’t worry, it’s
even, because Americans are sent to foreign
countries with the same timeline and goal. Well this game’s just a big pile o’ nope. Number three is There’s
Something about Miriam. Filmed in Britain in 2003 and
aired on February 22, 2004, There’s Something about
Miriam was a dating show in the same style as the Bachelorette with a twist. Labeled by critics as the cruelest reality show idea yet, the program had six men competing to be chosen by Miriam, a 21-year-old Mexican model. Yeah, sounds great,
except that what the men didn’t know was that Miriam was
a pre-operative trans woman. At the end of the season,
the winner, Tom Rooke, learned the truth about Miriam being born a man, and that he’d been lied to. However, he accepted the
money and the vacation with her as the prize. But unfortunately, after the taping, Tom, you know, changed his mind a little bit and denied the prize, and not only that, but filed a joint suit
against the producers with the five other men. The lawsuit cited a
series of crimes committed against the contestants. These included psychological damage, defamation, breach of
contract and sexual assault. The Sky network that aired this show opted to settle the matter out of court for an unknown amount of money and went ahead with the airing of the
show anyway after its delay. Number four is Married at First Sight. Originally aired on July 8,
2004, Married at First Sight takes six single people,
pairs them using advice from relationship experts
and has them meet, literally, on their wedding day. Without any time to know
a thing about each other, the couples say I do and are
literally legally married. Next, each couple spends their first night in a hotel, goes on a
honeymoon and then spends six weeks living together. At the end of the
bizarre journey, they get to decide if they wanna stay
married or get divorced. Well, sure does speed
up the whole settling down part of life, doesn’t it? The show is based off a television show of the same name from
Denmark, so if you think this show is messed up,
you can thank the Danes. But what’s possibly
most surprising is that believe it or not, four
of the shows 12 couples are still married with five of the couples rejecting the marriage at
the end of the six weeks and three couples accepting the marriage only to be divorced later on. Man, you don’t play
with marriage like that. That’s a sacred institution! It goes against my beliefs and uh oh, my triggers, ooh, ugh! Number five is Hurl! Aired in the U.S. between
July 16th and September 19th of 2008, Hurl was an obstacle course mixed with a competitive eating contest. Five players sit down and
eat a mountain of food, and that’s where it gets interesting. The first two to well,
hurl, are disqualified, and the remaining three
contestants move on to compete in high-energy
activities including spinning and running around quickly. Two more similar rounds
occur until there is just one winner, who
clearly must have hated themselves by that point for ever wanting to compete at all. Yeah, I won, but oh, mama. So you might be wondering
what was the coveted prize that everyone was
willing to experience extreme discomfort and possibly vomit for? Oh well, it was $1,000. $1,000 cash prize. That’s it. To add to the gross, is a player manages to swallow their, you know,
without spewing any of it, they get to stay in the game. In the end, the show
only ran for 11 episodes. I wonder why? This show is nasty. I wanna move on, makin’ me all gag. Number six is Ready of Marriage. Though this reality show
is definitely bizarre, and a bit sexist to many
people, at least the producers’ hearts were kind of in the right place? Airing on Movie TV, a
private television station in Zambia, one of the
world’s poorest countries, Ready for Marriage or R for M for short, is a 16-week-long competitive program which takes 18 women who
work in the sex trade industry and teaches them
how to be regular girls. The teachings include cooking, cleaning and overall how to be
a good wife to someone. The uh lucky lady gets $9,000 and an all-expense-paid wedding. Now R for M has received its
fair share of controversy, as you may have guessed,
mostly for the way that they explain a woman should act. But apparently many women who participated appreciated the help
turning their lives around. Of course, they may have appreciated it even more if they were
actually taught a skilled trade in a professional
occupation in order to get a decent job and earn
financial independence. But hey, it’s the thought
that counts, right, ha, ha. Number seven is Bridalplasty. Many brides like to
change the way that they look before their big
day, through dieting, exercising and maybe even
dying their hair color, but E network’s unbelievable
reality show Bridalplasty took things so, so much further. On this competition
program, 12 contestants, who were either soon-to-be
brides or recently married wives, some with kids already, competed to be the perfect
bride and ultimately win a dream wedding and a
complete plastic surgery makeover. Each week, one woman is
sent home in a public voting session amongst
the contestants after they participate in a series
of elimination challenges. The winners of each challenge
receive a ceremonial syringe as their prize, excluding them from the weekly elimination vote. The remaining women who
survive the voting process, receive a cosmetic enhancement
from their wish list. And so on and so on, the cycle continues until there’s only one bride left. But the kicker of the whole
thing, which is really disturbing, is that her fiance or husband doesn’t get to see what she looks like until it’s all done and
he gets to lift the veil. That’s risky business, especially
if you’re already married. You might be lifting the
veil to look right at Shrek. Number eight is Prize Contest Life. If you liked the Truman Show, you might just love the real thing,
though, spoiler alert, instead of Jim Carrey, it’s a naked man who doesn’t know he’s being live streamed. Running from 1998 until
2002, this Japanese program took the term reality TV
to a whole ‘nother level. Nasubi, a Japanese comedian, won a lottery at an audition for a job in show business, but unbeknownst to him,
the job was actually a reality TV show challenge
to win one million yen solely in mailed-in
sweepstakes from magazines and radio ads. He was taken to a tiny apartment and told to remove all of his clothes. It was there that he agreed to spend time completing the challenge all by himself while he went about his daily
routine completely naked. In order to survive, he used a phone, a radio and postcards to
win various sweepstakes, which provided him with
food and other needed items, such as toilet paper. In addition to winning
the items to literally not starve, the value of
each item went towards his one million yen goal. Oh man, this is just cringy. As if that wasn’t enough, another thing unbeknownst to Nasubi
was instead of everything just being filmed for a
documentary style of sorts, it was well livestreamed,
and he became very famous. Number nine is Man vs. Beast. Airing as two specials in January of 2003 and February of 2004, this
Fox reality competition show pitted the fastest,
strongest and hungriest, and sometimes weirdest
people, against their animal counterparts. Bits of the show included a
hot dog eating competition between a competitive eater
and a Kodiak brown bear. Sounds safe. Then there was the tug
of war between the sumo wrestler and the orangutan and of course, the obstacle racing track
between the Navy Seal and a chimpanzee. And despite all of that, the winners never even got a prize bigger
than, well, bragging rights. That’s because the show
bombed in viewership and ratings and animal
rights groups heavily criticized the treatment of the animals involved in the competitions. Literally after airing
of the second season, the show was canceled and
never saw a third installment. I wonder what animal I’d be up against. Ah, bald eagle, bald eagle. Beat ya to it. Beat ya to it before you could
troll me in the comments. (throat clearing) And number 10 is Kid Nation. Okay, we live in a world where sometimes adults in important
positions make huge mistakes, and the consequences hurt many others. Well apparently, CBS was
sick of letting adults have all the fun and
created the short-lived show Kid Nation. Originally aired between September 19th and December 12th of 2007, this 13-episode reality show took 40 kids between the ages of eight and 15, placed
them in a small private town in New Mexico and
allowed them to form their own society with
little to no supervision. You can probably guess what happened. After four of the children drank bleach and another burned her face with grease, the show was canceled. Whew, oh wait, no, it wasn’t. It still continued. Yeah, this proves that you should probably never entrust the safety
and good health of your kids to money-hungry television producers. They don’t exactly have
you’re best interests in mind, baby. So those were 10 reality
shows that you now probably still can’t believe exist. So the question of the day is, would any of you guys do any of
the things on these shows for the prize money, and if so, how much money would it take? Leave your comments below because I’ll be reading through them, and
I’m gonna pin the best one to the top. As always, thank you guys
so much for coming by today, and remember to come
back tomorrow at exactly 3:00 p.m. Eastern
Standard Time because I’ll have another video for you. I’ll see you then.

Michael Martin

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