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welcome welcome ladies Jaki Sabourin
here and today we are talking about how to be more feminine in a relationship
and for those of you who don’t know me I just want to quickly introduce myself
I’m Jaki Sabourin I’m a love coach and I teach women how to deliberately date
and consciously create the man of their dreams I met and married my own soulmate
match husband Michael after being single for eight years and I’m still on that
honeymoon and excited about helping you get engaged at any age and so this week
all week long I’m reading a series on how to use your feminine energy and
today our topic is how to be more feminine in your relationships and of
course this is absolutely my favorite subject is talking about our feminine
energy because it’s so potent and it’s so powerful and if by far the most
influential energy that you can embody in a relationship influential is the is
a really important word I want you to remember and it’s it’s also covenant
energy is inspiring it inspires in relationships inspires men and so I
really want you to start to practice the things that I’m teaching you so that you
can start to embody this energy so you can talk to benefit from all of the the
feminine qualities especially in your relationships with men and so just like
men yearn to be respected men yearn long to be respected by their women and just
like we long to be cherished in our relationships and feminine energy men
longed to be with a woman who embodies the feminine energy because that woman
is soft on the outside and strong on the inside so that means that you’re warm
and you’re inviting and and you’re not defensive you don’t have any defense
mechanisms when we are defensive that means we have barriers barriers to love
and so we we move to defend and when you move to defend you’re in your head
that’s coming from your ego it’s not coming from your feminine energy and so
that’s why when you released and removed all of those
barriers to your hearts it’s easy for you to be in your feminine energy and
that’s why it’s easy for me because I don’t have those barriers and blocks
I’ve worked through all of that and so I’m an open channel and I’m in receiver
mode so I can stay in that feminine energy and and let Michael benefit from
that and myself as well because it’s a more natural it’s a more natural way for
me to be and and and so let’s talk about the barriers to love whatever I want to
just do you know break off into that a little bit hi ladies welcome hi Jean oh
I’m so excited and you’re coming to the retreat ladies really quick I just want
to go off topic I just launched the invitations to my man plan workshop it’s
a two-day workshop in La Jolla and we are going to work through you’re
planning out your first 90 days of your man plan of 2019 you absolutely need to
come to the retreat we’re going to be covering all of the essential elements
on how to it’s like a business plan we’re going to lay out all of the phases
that you need to put in place and then all the action steps and tactics that
you need and we’re going to customize each one for you you’re going to take
away a beautiful workbook I’m providing a beautiful breakfast and lunch and it’s
here in California if you live in California there’s no reason why you
can’t drive down to La Jolla you can stay at the hotel with us you can you
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I’m really excited about welcoming the women that are going to be planning
their man clan super excited and so Gina I’m so excited to see you again
this is your second retreat yay yay for you okay ladies I’ll drop the link in
the box if you’re interested in finding more about that so let’s talk about
these barriers to our heart that is also another thing in the minute of teaching
in the workshop is to remove these barriers so that our plan can actually
we can carry out implement our plan and the barriers to our heart are those
painful experiences we’ve had that has closed our heart down so when we have a
painful experience we be trapped and when we retrack we tend to go within and
we pull back and in that process we shut when we shut down we shut down all the
opportunities that are coming to us all the love that could be flowing to us
because we’re receivers when they close the gates to they’re saving then life is
very different we don’t we miss out on the opportunities we we can invite the
love wholeheartedly into our hearts we definitely have trust issues that that
will get beat something that will become obvious because we don’t trust ourselves
it’s really not about trusting the other it’s about trusting yourself you’ve been
hurt and and you feel like maybe you’re to blame and so you start not trusting
yourself and maybe you’ve made choices that were less than perfect and you’re
beating yourself up by it all of these things are going to be covering in the
workshop helping you to see the blind spot to see the barriers and then remove
them and if not it’s not hard you know there’s just resistance to doing it
because we feel like if we if we if we remove those barriers and we can get
taken advantage of or we can be hurt again but it’s the thing a feminine
woman in your feminine energy and in a relationship you do not give your heart
to men you open your heart to a man you never give your heart you always that is
for you to take care of your hearts is your responsibility to nurture yourself
to love yourself to accept yourself and to protect your boundaries and to be
intimate with yourselves as long as you’re doing all of those things meeting
your emotional needs from within you open your heart to others you open your
heart to a man but you never give your heart away you remain in your power
center because that is your power center so the more you clear out these blocks
and the unconscious negative beliefs about yourself the more open you can
keep your heart and you can always keep it open there’s no need to close your
heart down because you have tools and you have the ability to heal when things
don’t work out the way you wanted them to that’s why you don’t have to close
your heart down and I’m going to do a whole series on the art of an open heart
because I really wanted to empower you to understand how powerful it is to keep
your heart open because a woman was the with an open heart she is it’s like you
know flies will flock to honey faster than the flock to vinegar
and so feminine woman with an open heart is soft and kind in compassionate
empathetic and doesn’t feel the need to defend doesn’t need to feel the need to
argue her point of view I don’t need to argue my point of view I know what my
point of view is and it’s my point of view I don’t need to to impress that
upon somebody and get them to agree with me especially in my relationship with my
husband I have my point of view it’s my point of view I don’t need to to push
that on anyone I respect Michael’s point of view I
don’t necessarily own it and I don’t necessarily always agree with him but I
always respect it because it’s his point and he’s entitled to that and I know the
difference and I’m entitled to my point of view and so are you but you don’t
have to people don’t have to agree with your point of view just like some of the
work that I teach you don’t have to agree with me but you can respect the
fact that at least I’m making an effort to bring forward something that I feel
is your finding value in but you don’t have to agree with everything I say so
and that is your birthright you’re entitled to live your life your own set
of values that you feel or ethical and fair that you feel are ethical and fair
not that I feel are ethical unfair so that’s why you want to become really
intimate with yourself and really start to embody and embrace your feminine
qualities so that you can become more intimate with yourselves and so another
strength of being in your feminine energy in a relationship is really
relying on your intuition your intuition honors your desires your dreams and it
definitely honors your feelings your feelings are the most important thing in
the whole world to you now I’m in 32 everyone else you need to make your
feelings the most important thing and you need to honor your feelings a
feminine woman always on earns her feelings and and listens to that quiet
inner urging because when you’re happy your man’s going to be happy if you’re
not listening to your inner urgings and you’re deferring to your man and a
relationship all the time you’re not really respecting yourself especially if
you don’t agree with what’s happening and so you what you do is you connect
with your man through your heart not through your head you
connect with him through your heart and you another quality that you want to
cultivate in a relationship when you’re being in your feminine energy is is
being self selfish and I know sometimes when I say that that can be
misunderstood but just think about it if you’re in an airplane and there is some
turbulence or maybe there’s a problem the oxygen mask drops out of the
compartment above and you have to put it on yourself first and then you can help
others right so when I say be selfish help yourself first because from that
place you’re in a better position to help your man to help your friend to
help your parent to help somebody it’s in your lights cut help somebody if you
can’t breathe you’re not giving yourself the oxygen the love to support the rest
be the nurturing the workouts everything that you need first you have to put
yourself first because from that place you’re so much more powerful you have so
much more to give when you fill your own cups when your cup is full it runs over
for others and you have more to give and so that’s why you need to be selfish and
and so the feminine energy sounded like a dance being receptive being receptive
to your man and when I say receptive if not submissive it’s really important
that you make that distinction so receptive is submissive submissive is
shrinking I don’t want you to shrink or pretzel yourself into something that
you’re not to please your man you won’t respect you in that process but but
receptive if I could dance he’s leading it he’s going this way and then you
follow you follow you know where he’s leading you and you defer to him because
you want to empower him to step into his masculine energy and of course you’re
making your suggestions or your likes and and letting him know along the way
what you like and what you dislike and then he’s altering the plans and doesn’t
it feel better when a man asks you out when a man chases you when a man’s make
those suggestions and so it just feels better and if you want something from a
man there away to inspire him to get it in in
these scripts that I give you and how you ask for things now what you say it’s
how you say them and as you know oh I have to get something to show you ladies okay as you know I’m always saying you
need to use your feathers now I bought this feather I thought it was going to
be much bigger for the emphasis of my calls I want to share with you so you
can actually use this as my metaphor but I wanted to play with the feather anyway
in that create I’m gonna get a much bigger one but using this feather you
can just look at it how soft it is so you can just tickle your man with this
feather in terms of how you approach things versus a sledgehammer he’s more
apt to respond to you when you use a feather than if you use a hammer so
there’s a way to use your feminine wiles to to inspire him not to manipulate him
to inspire him to do for you and it’s an art that you can develop and so and so I
want you to start practicing that now let me look and see if there’s some
questions and I want to welcome the ladies on YouTube thank you for being
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conversation on each topic and this week of course we’re talking about how to use
your feminine energy and and today we’re talking about how to be more feminine in
relationships and let’s see the questions hi ladies
I want to say hi from everyone from all the ladies Germany and you’ve got
Holland Road eyelid how fun so wonderful to be here I feel like we’re all in the
room together I don’t see any questions on YouTube let me pop over to Facebook
and see what’s coming up there I Cindy that’s good the difference between some
missive and receptive good she said that was a good point right now I’m not
submissive there’s nothing submissive about
and recently I had a a comic coming back through the emails about that they were
and I’m just gonna be really transparent woman was concerned about working with
me because she felt that I was too feminine and that she would lose some of
her power and she’s trying to step out of her masculine energy and I was like
she doesn’t really know me I am the Lisa missive woman I know I I don’t budge
okay I don’t have to I don’t have to budge because Michael defers to me
because I inspire him with my feather but make no mistake do not mistake
kindness for weakness because believe me last thing I am is weak I am very very
strong and powerful and I’m not saying that to boast I’m just saying because I
know my real power is being sourced from my intuition from Mike from my god-self
from my intelligence and that’s why it’s so potent so powerful that’s why these
these series is going to be so helpful for you to recognize that there’s
nothing submissive about being in your feminine energy and it’s like this
little secret you know that I’m sharing with you on how powerful and potent and
inspiring and influential it really is because men really respond well to it
and we get into such a flow and it inspires them to step into their
masculine energy where they’re really comfortable and they feel like a man and
so it’s a win-win for both sides right and so can you provide some examples of
how you inspire men to do things for you you sure I mean there’s one thing that
you can say you know what would make me happy you know what would make me happy
I say that to Michael all the time and he’s like but he just asked me what
because he he wants to make me happy ask any man they want to make us happy and
most men will will want to please you because when they when you’re happy
they’re happy they enjoy pleasing a woman they enjoy pleasuring women and so
you know what would make me happy and he says what and I say I would love to take
a long drive up the coast this weekend just to get out of my head and let’s
just get in the car and just drive and let’s just drive until we want to stop
and get a nice lunch somewhere along the ocean and he’s like I’d love to
that sounds good so it clears out this calendar and up we go up the coast so
things like that so this this magic words are you know what would make me
happy and you’re smiling when you’re asking him that another thing that you
can do to inspire a man to help to to do things for you is to ask for help I mean
men that’s it they want to help you you know sweetheart baby I really need some
help with this can you help me with this I can’t figure out the spreadsheets I
can’t figure out how to you know the whatever it is I am help me with this if
you ask a man to help you he will drop everything and help you because he gets
to be the your hero you’re champions and they’re so important for him to help you
what is another example I can get is is you know those are actually two
fantastic examples let’s not overcomplicate the conversation will you
help me and and the other one was you know what would make me really happy
just try those two for now would you help me and you know what would make me
happy and I promise you you will get the response that you want and and so let’s
answer one more question then we’re gonna be at the top of our twenty
minutes wow that went by fast I’ve been slow for a long time and I
find it hard to stay in my feminine energy how do you switch from being so
independent to more feminine so being feminine doesn’t mean that you need to
give up your independence I mean I am I am pretty independent you know I am a
whole being and Michael’s a whole being and we’re like the infinity symbol where
we two holes are making this symbol not two halves making a hole now but in that
independence I definitely want to consider Michaels feelings first
in terms of plans in terms if I’m going to make plans to go somewhere I don’t
have to ask for his permission but I’m gonna let him know that I’m planning
something or that I’ve made a commitment to go to a business conference or
sweetheart I’m gonna be gone this weekend because I’m gonna be attending a
conference now adenosine for my permission
but I’m giving him the courtesy because I respect him and and and so that
there’s a big different so how do you switch well you
make a conscious choice especially when you leave work to to recognize it the
busy energy you can drop that busy energy you’ve had at work and you can
start to walk slower you can use your physical body to start to to just start
to embody the feminine energy by walking slower even talking slower by listening
more and talking less because women because de feminine energy is the
listener the the observer the receiver these are all the qualities if you
listen to video number one and two I talk about more about the qualities of
feminine energy so why don’t you pop over and listen to those two videos and
I think they’re gonna help you just to make a list of those qualities that I
discussed in those videos and then put them out on your refrigerator where you
can see them every day like a flashcard and start to practice to embody and
those more and more everything is about practice right practice leads to mastery
and so I know that’s gonna help you and I just want to keep things really simple
for you because I like to keep things very practical that’s how you’re going
to have the most success you can apply what I’m teaching you right away versus
teaching you some esoteric concepts you can’t really walk outside and start
applying so just walking slower making more eye contact talking less listening
more those kind of things will start to help you to make that shift and in that
quiet and then that listening you can bring forward your intuitive voice which
is a very quiet voice you can only hear it when you’ve slowed down enough to to
hear that whisper and you’re more connected to it yes great barb so she’s
saying I find showing appreciation saying please and thank you go a long
way to wonderful suggestion thank you for sharing that with us absolutely of
course please and thank you I say that every time any time Michael
does something for me we’re both very polite to each other
he’s so polite and so I’m you know thank you sweetheart when he hands me anything
does anything for me I appreciate you have a wonderful day love you I’m
constantly giving him reassurance and and and joking him because I want him to
feel my appreciation I want him to feel my love because it’s sincere it’s real
and people really respond well to that not just men but women – because we’re
validating them we’re giving value to what they’re doing by acknowledging what
they’re doing with our with our gratitude which is going to keep inspire
them to keep doing it that’s not why we’re being grateful we’re doing it
because it’s really unconditional we really do mean it
however people still need to hear it and – people really benefit from it okay
ladies I hope this was helpful if you continue to post the chat the
comments and my chat box after the broadcast I will answer your questions
after after the broadcast is over okay ladies so check out the link in the box
below and I’ll include the link about the retreat page you can read all about
it and check it out I hope you’ll join me there it’s gonna be so excited I
can’t wait to plan your next three months it’s I’ll all happen in February
23rd and 24th in La Jolla California come join me so we can put that plan
together so you can you can attract your man in 2019 all right ladies love you
I’m so excited that you’re all here see you tomorrow for my next episode how to
use your feminine energy and dating ooh big one that’s gonna be a great topic so
I’ll see you tomorrow not to love bye thank you thank you thank you thank you
okay turn off my facebook there we go

Michael Martin

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  1. I asked my intuition:: give me a sign that my soul mate is already here. So I asked for a preposterous
    visual to see–a pink feather! and Jaki shows one today!!

  2. Jaki, I discovered you summer 2018. I went on a Jaki binge-fest. I especially enjoyed your teachings on healing, not being married to an outcome, and feminine energy. I started practicing last summer with my dates I met online. I'm dating a WONDERFUL man now… day by day… not expecting any specific outcome. But checking to make sure he's on track to being the wonderful alpha man looking for a lifelong commitment with a wonderful feminine high quality woman… me. 😉 This video today is SPOT ON. I almost can't believe how well your advice is working. Previously, I was exuding way too much independence and masculine energy. I used your advice and teachings to bring out my soft feminine side… and omgosh the high quality men started coming. I listen more than I talk, I'm receptive, I am non-judgmental, I use my women's intuition, feathers…. this current man could very well be my soul mate I'm waiting for. Time will tell. Fellow sisters, listen to Jaki!

  3. Excellent advice, Jaki, right on point and very practical tips to make sure we are coming from our power/heart center. Thank you! 💖


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