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you good morning everybody and welcome to the press conference for the presentation of Mateus elect as usual please introduce yourself and your newspaper and just ask one question at a time in order to facilitate the simultaneous translation we can start a press conference good morning Johnny ball sorry the media said good morning Mateus you are considered a top layer in your role so you're not 20 yet so how much does it matter to be like that in your mind because it seems you know exactly what you want and then had I made a lot of a lot of minutes on a pitch so I think I've got a lot of experience for 90 years old but that's why I want to make this step to to get more experience and to learn from those players because compared to them I'm just just the starter so hopefully I can get in for them I would like to ask you your sensations about these first days the first hours I think that Europe in here with all your family you're into reading so what does that mean being a 19 year old boy and what about the first transfer in your careers you've always played in yachts big step it's the first step outside of my my home country so obviously in the beginning it's it's something I have to get used to but I was really honored how the Juventus fans welcomed me and I was really proud of that and I hope I can give them much back Philippe on Tisha Filippo condition located a low spot can we just go back to the Nationals League final Netherlands Portugal when Cristiano in close or any house to to come to your interest can you tell us something more about that specific moment and did those words convince you to make such a decision to come here at that moment I was figuring out what I wanted to do which club I wanted to join after the summer and I already had a deal which one it was but I always said to me know that I will decide after the National League so then the season is over and I can I can enjoy occasion and get some rest and then after the vacation join a new club at the moment I was pretty sure it was Juventus but obviously it was really nice that that someone big like Shannon Otto told me that that he asked me if I want you to join your ventus oh well it was a big compliment but it was not the difference between joining or don't join so we can now also speak Dutch welcome the day you understood you would come to Italy you made a huge decision so how long did you know you would make such a decision well it was a quiet decision I reflected upon for quite a while so I knew and would wait for the end of the summer but already said I would make such a decision to join a Juventus because for me was very important to take such a step outside my home country and outside ix as well but more or less I decided that after the first a final well you look very calm very quiet too serene so you are 19 years old there are newspapers have been writing pages and pages about you so why are you so calm yes I know I know that I look very calm and quiet I know there are lots of people that are particularly happy that are joined to Juventus but obviously there have been other reactions today's decision of mine so these means I have to get used to a new environment a new sporting culture and I truly hope I will be able to do the best with my performance NeuroSky Corriere della Sera Carrera Torino would like to ask you two questions the first if during the transfer you got in contact with Martita sorry on the phone and if the way he plays football influence your decision and then yesterday was so picture of you when you were young okay I'll ask you this question later I spoke to him on the phone really short just to get to know each other and nothing more and well he's also one of the reasons I wanted to come to your vendors because I heard a lot of good stories about him the way he plays the philosophy has the attacking football the defending line how we how we prepare them so obviously there was big reason to come here and then I would like to ask you yesterday so an Instagram a picture of you when you were younger with the Juventus Jersey a so why did you have that I was that a present were there any players and Juventus are you particularly admired at that time I think I was like 7 years old that time I think it was in 2006-2007 and yeah if you have if you are a defender I think you already know which player I are might admired at that moment it was Fabio Cannavaro the the player who won the World Cup 2006 who won the Ballon d'Or 2006 so yeah I think at that moment I was really big fan of him but I obviously always had a good feeling with Juventus it's a big club it's a great club so I was a fan of them when I were young we have a chocolate reporter would like to ask you your impressions about using two supporters and also the juventus environment and atmosphere is that something bigger than IX so especially considering the reputation that you will get here when we played here with IX in the Champions League quarter-final I was shocked about the defense they were really shouting the whole game even when it was one – it was it was incredible they they made an incredible atmosphere and they really support the team so for me it's gonna be a big challenge to play for them and I will give my all for them but obviously it's a really great Stadium it's it's it's it's it's not small but close to each other so every every sound your hair really really loud so I think it's an incredible stadium with with great fans this is a club that has won everything here in Italy and also abroad but for quite a while as not being winning the Champions League so what have you heard about it do you know that it is something that is really really important to say winning this competition that unfortunately I have not been winning for quite a while what do you know about it ditions where we can play for it's maybe for with the Super Cup so it's the championship the Coppa Italia and jump sleek and we will see every game we want to do we want to win everything I think that's the most important thing and every competition you play I think a club like event whose want to win so it wouldn't be different this year John what is hello Matty's I'm back tomorrow master Jedi would like to ask you so in order to take this step ahead you have chosen your vein turns and not about Solano psj that were also interested in you so why did you decide to come here as I said it was a long process I was just looking what what was good for me I think Italy Italy is known as the the country of defending I think it's the it's the country that lost defending the most in the world if you talk about Italian players for me the most common names that come up are the defenders but for me it was also a big challenge to make a new step they give me a lot of confidence they show me that they really wanted me so I was really proud and I'm proud to to join this club and there are several reasons why to choose this club but in the end it was the feeling that that made the difference so bad not even hello Paulina there are two questions the first I would like to ask you what strike is a 90 years old as you are that are more difficult to mark and especially when you played against Juventus what the difficulties that you do encounter what playing against the black and white strikers I think we have a lot of different type of deckers we have for example everybody rosin although I think he's a really good goal scorer yes he's a predator in the books and we have someone like nuke each more like a target man strong and good good with the head we have someone like Douglas Costa was really fast so we have different types and every type has his own quality so I don't think these attackers are easy to defend everybody is has its own style and it's really difficult to play against them but for me it's gonna be big challenge where I can learn from every day second Amanda the second questions I would like to ask you is keys cuddling you on the social media because the fact that they gave a event is a young player that can further grow and develop so what about it is features of a defender like here that can be useful for the Italian championship and Juventus of what can you give them well I think it comes from both sides for me I think in Holland it's a lot about building up from the back it's a lot about defending high and I think it telly is Italy is more like the zonal marking and more to defend together so I think it's it's I can help them and they can help me and I think that's the great combination between me and your vendors hello miss TV welcome you are a complete player you can mark you can decide the game you're very good at headers or you score goals so what is the technical aspect that you want to improve here Avengers in particular I I want to thank you for the compliment but I'm now coming to Juventus and I'm still young and 19 so I think have room to improve what I say there there is there are some differences between IX and your vendors but in the end for me it's it's it's important to work every day really hard and to show that I want to learn and I can improve I think all the attributes I have so for me it's a big challenge to come here and to improve so I open the future will become a better player still me by talking to the sport I would like to ask you so what about the bird and that of the price that has been paid for you use one of the most expensive players in the history of the club well pressure is normal football I think and of course when a club buys you for for for a big amount of money it's it's you have a lot of pressure but pressure is normal football I think pressure is the most important thing and if you want to be a good player you have to deal with those pressure with this pressure so for me it's not a big deal I just play my game I just want to improve I just want to work hard and then I will see then I have to show it on a pitch so in the end everybody will see how I'm gonna do it but for me it's not a problem to ask you what about number four present for you and in the Champions League or do you think either the most dangerous opponent for the final well the number four for me is a special number because in the youth of I always play with number four and in the first team also at Juventus the number was free and I heard a lot of good stories about number four from the past in Ventus Mondeo and so I have some legacy to to fulfill but I'm really proud to wear the number four I Juventus and I hope I can achieve much things here to be any doubt a squat you come from a club where there were lots of young players you the young about the back and now you're getting into a club where the leadership is made by older players just think that when you were born a buffoon had already worn a wafer cup so how do you experience these a change in the generations it's different with likes it actually had a lot of young players we had a lot of young players with some experience guys but here the most most of players are our order older with much more experience so for me it's just important to learn from this experience and to to make my game better with this experiment so I'm really happy to be here and to learn everyday with those those those guys like buffoon Kili knee Ronaldo so for me it's a big challenge but but I love it so you want to grow you want to improve you want to play as a regular player as much as possible Wayne so what about your personal objectives in the list that you have made personally for me the most important thing is I think to adapt to adapt to a new new team a new country a new code culture and that's the most important thing and then I I want to of course you want to play every player wants to play but it's important for me to improve to to show what you can every day on the pitch and then we will see where it ends but obviously yeah as a player you want to play so I have to show it on training every day and then we will see who's playing that's all thank you very much indeed yes you you

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  1. Ronaldo is the most complete and talented footballer in the world – Messi doesn’t compare. Ronaldo also the most admired athlete in the world and De Ligt’s signing is evidence of this. Win Serie A and the Champion’s League Ronaldo and your 6th Ballon D’Or will follow.

  2. Fuck you Adidas, i thought nike was making terrible shirts but you guys completely destroyed our number 1 Zebra shirt. Thank god this shirt is not going to be at FIFA 20

  3. F de ligt I as a barca fan I don’t want him any more he could stay over there basically he just prefers Juventus instead of Barcelona he could stay with you guys I think Barca don’t need him anymore we got todibo and in three years when you ask to join Barca we should Say NO, johan cruyff said if
    Someone doesn’t come to Barca one time we don’t want him anymore fuck you de ligt we don’t need you anymore

  4. I respect Juventus for the way the club is ruined and the way their getting their business done 💯

  5. Welcome to piemonte team. As you probably know this team isnot famous for being crystal clear, watch out your billfold!!!

  6. I am Youtuber a child from Indonesia who loves and is amazed by the Juventus Club FC
    please check my video

  7. de ligts may boy money never makes you happy – at the end your achievements means TROPHY sets your legacy , NEYMAR IS THE BEST EXAMPLE

  8. Thanks to club management for making this a reality! Much more excited about this signing that I was for Higuain.

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