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– Today, 100 percent free TV
and movies wherever you go. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m the Youtube Deal
Guy Matt Granite and yes, I still have my arms up like an idiot. Welcome to your one-stop shop for savings. I find huge deals right here every day for the awesome subscribers
and if you’re not subscribed, well I also give away
everything I test for free. At the end of this video,
we are going to have a free Fire TV giveaway, also
something tied to an Ipad Air giveaway exclusive for subscribers. But more importantly,
what you came here for: how to watch free TV. Now, I’ve profiled free HD
TV through antennas before. I’ve done pieces on Sling
TV and other ways to pay a nominal amount of
money per month to enjoy basically cable on your terms, but today, with the average cable and satellite bill north of that $100 mark, I
have something even better. Now I have profiled Pluto TV in the past. What I have today other
than an app update is a completely different app
that will lock in Free TV, the largest collection of
free TV and movies anywhere, a download that you can enjoy
for free on Apple, Android, and through Amazon Fire TV. Now no company pays me to talk about them. This is just my personal opinion
to help you score the best life has to offer at a
virtually free price point. Here are the three steps I
recommend to score free TV: First, get a connected device. In my case, I love Fire TV
just because of its under $40 price point and that it can
access all of these great free apps of programming. Step two, click the “show
more” tab right under this video window. It will reveal the links to the free apps I’m gonna show you right now. And three, if you don’t mind a few ads, you’re gonna get ev4rything
you want on demand. The first is Tubi TV;
now you can enjoy Tubi TV on Roku, Android, IOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung
devices as we’re gonna show you in a moment. It even features some content
which isn’t even available on Netflix. It’s fast, it is ad supported
so you will have some of your programming preceded
by a couple of commercials here and there, but
worth it in the long run if you don’t want to pay a cable bill. The second: Pluto TV. Now I’m a huge Pluto TV
fan, and they actually just updated their app with a way
to curtail your programming interests to movies,
sports, whatever it is you wanna watch, and I think they have the nicer interface of the two. So you can easily click your
categories, and in my case, I get a huge selection of
movies and news on demand, even for The Weather Channel,
which you can of course, watch in full screen. It’s as good as cable and
100 percent legal and free. Now let’s switch over to TubiTV. I want to show you how quickly this loads a movie TinTin for example. In real time, this is how long it takes to get an HD movie on my screen. Another cool feature is on the sidebar if you so choose, you can l leave a comment. There are some social media features which is just a nice touch. And now TinTin is just playing on my laptop. No logging in. With just a basic internet connection, I’m able to enjoy this
and directly beside, on our Samsung right now, we have other programming playing absolutely free from the same source. If that’s not enough for you, on the same internet
connection, we also have Pluto going strong on this Fire tablet. Free TV, free sports all through
the power of the internet. The app interface actually
spectacular in my opinion, very similar to what you
might see on Hulu or Netflix. In fact, they even have
a category of programming not available on Netflix,
and a nice list of movies. All ad supported of course
and really interesting what you can get and how quickly
you can enjoy programming. This is a full live test right now, and we didn’t even get an ad
with this particular movie, which is amazing. And similar to Netflix or
Hulu, you get an add to cue, so you can press that and keep all of your programming saved. If we were to scroll to the
TV comedy category right now, you get a really nice selection. Now obviously, this is not
the newest, most amazing brand-new programming, but for those of us who don’t wanna pay cable, a great way to keep entertained on a dime. For those of you who want more of a television-like experience, the interface and guide
that you find with Pluto TV, a little bit more TV like,
similar to what you might find with Sling TV or another program. This is more on-demand,
fewer ads in our experience, and yes, you get news programming. Pluto TV a little bit more news focused. You get Bloomberg TV,
NBC News, Business News, other programming that
you can of course enjoy in both horizontal and vertical formats. And similar to Tubi TV, I wanna show you how fast Pluto TV is. Now as a free app on a very
average internet connection, watch how quickly it is as it
buffers into our programming. We’re there! This is Awesome! And now, for the free
Fire TV stick giveaway. Come on into my laptop
for the free giveaway using two buddies Pick a Winner tool. Today’s random subscriber and commentor with their notifications
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you are not yet subscribed, turn your notifications on. Get ready. You can be in the winning very soon. My question today: How much are you paying for your cable or
satellite bill, and if not, have you cut the cord? I cut the cord 10 years
ago; I haven’t looked back, but for some of us, it’s
not always an option. Or maybe today it is. I wanna hear from you;
we read all the comments. If there’s anything else
you wanna save money on, let me know. I will see you soon. I got more huge deals
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Michael Martin

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  1. Hey Matt, thx for this info on new apps…… might you do a comparison for us again between Apple TV, the fire stick, and Roku etc…… am looking for my elderly parents.

  2. I agree with Cindy Lang. Will you be doing a comparison between the apps she has listed in her comment below? Would be very interested in seeing what the differences are and pro and cons. I am paying way too much for us just to watch a select few networks & shows when I can just pay for fast internet and stream.

  3. I would love to ditch cable, but my husband wants to keep it so he can watch baseball and hockey. Are there options to watch live games?

  4. Thank you MATT.. Will you have your WONDERFUL Interns back after school is done??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. I've been wanting to cancel cable. Not sure I understand what the fire stick provides. If I have a smart tv, can't I get the apps you showed without the fire stick?

  6. Check out Kodi and the 3rd party add-ons. I have gone this way with all my TVs in my house. Great livr IPTV service is OTT TV. For a little more than 7 bucks a month it is great. They have a Facebook page which they are really quick to respond. Just thought you would like to check them out.

  7. Perfect timing – looking for a way to cut the costs of entertainment at home as the prices are skyrocketing and getting too too crazy out there

  8. My cable bill from xfinity is around $150 a month. I just haven't figured what I should get. Firestick or the others? Ty

  9. Knew of Pluto, I didn't know about the other one. Another one is Hoopla Digital – it goes through your local library and you can stream movies for free (there's a monthly limit). Finally, Amazon Video is included with Amazon Prime. You can stream a lot with that one. I cut the cord about 1 year ago – cable was way too much.

  10. I’d love to have an iPad. However, win or lose I like the information & positive attitude. Thank you 👍

  11. Hi✨ so hard to get notifications as I have to keep phone on airplane mode almost 24/7- with job
    Any other way to possibly win?
    I watch your videos all the time, have purchased many recommended items as gifts.
    Thank you for your hard work- sure wish I had a job with you -love your happy attitude always!

  12. Sometimes with family members watching Netflix etc. we run to our limit of data. Will these apps draw on my data plan, too?

  13. instead of naming them all at once, stop, review each one, and then move on to the other. by the time you get to reviewing the app, i forgot what it was for….too much talk.

  14. let me get this straight, I am not tech savvy at all. if I want to get rid of cable tv, do I still need to have a Wi-Fi? I'm trying to find one that will give me football, not just the browns, what can I do?

  15. Have you heard about green stream TV? I saw it at a swap meet and it seemed amazing. Just want to find out more about it.

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