【THU】Marry Me Again, Honey(Original/Eng sub)恶魔的独宠甜妻 S1E1 DIVORCE?! 第一集就离婚?!

Say that again Tingyu, we have been married for some time. I hope that for the sake of taking good care of you. Help me solve the crisis of Lan corporation Well Lan’s problem, it’s none of my business you If you don’t agree to help Lan corporation We get divorced. If this is your insistence Ok, let’s divorce Fine! I have already fed you enough. I am the same. From the age of18th I got a book all about Lei Tingyu’ s hobby. Being trained as Mrs. Lei Tingyu Learning the piano, disguise yourself as a gentle lady In order to please Lei Tingyu, study cooking After successfully becoming his wife I have to be compliant with him. Has been looking after him for a long time He is not willing to help me even to him it’s just an easy thing. Is this man really heartless? Lawyer Zhang Hello Mrs. Lei Lei Tingyu You really want to divorce me? You are the one mention it. Now you want to take it back? In fact, you have long wanted to get rid of me, right? You married me for the sake of interest, now Lan corporation has a problem. Of course, you want to push me far away Whatever you say? I will give you five million. and the property of Yayuan. Sign off now and leave here Then we will have no connection anymore Divorce is OK I’ll sign it, but Lan… Lan’s business is non-negotiable. sign
it 5 million plus property, if you do not sign You’ll get nothing but still out Fine! Do you think that I like you iceberg? A cold-blooded scum like you, you should live alone forever I don’t believe it. Without Lei Tingyu I will die Uh… You know how much I have spent to make you marry Lei Tingyu? How dare you actually divorced him. Dad, Lan’s business I’ve asked him for a long time. He refused If he refused, you should beg again! The only hope of Lan’s now is Lei Tingyu. dad say no more If you dare to divorce I will not pay for your mother’s medical expenses. Dad, medical expenses, I can pay But can you go to the hospital to visit her? She loves you so much. As long as Lei Tingyu solves the crisis of Lan’s I will go or even if she is dying, I will not take a look. President, Mrs. came out from the Lan family. There are tear marks on the face and palm prints. Lan Xin, you think about Lan family all the time. But how do they treat you! Divorcing with you Just want to let you see the truth Qi, listen carefully Yes continues to check Lan Xin’s background increase the acquisition of Lang’s stock

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